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Zdrojový text : Nato wood

Zdrojový text : Nato wood

8.1.2006 - Kategorie: Kytara
Několik informací o dřevu s označením "Nato"
Roy, I see several ukes that say they use "NATO" wood.... what is that?
Nato wood, also known as Eastern Mahogany, is a relieble, strong wood used on guitar necks. It is a value-priced wood used more in the lower cost instruments. However, Nato still embodies all of the properties of more commonly used.... and more expensive mahogany. Not a bad wood at all for most ukes.... except the finest ones.

NATO - Used as a substitute for MAHOGANY on necks and sometimes bodies of less  expensive guitars.  It is less stable than MAHOGANY.

Mora ( Mora excelsa and Mora gonggrijpii.)
Family: Leguminosa
Other Common Names: Nato, Nato rojo (Colombia), Mora de Guyana (Venezuela), Marobukea, Mora (Guyana), Mora Moraboekea (Surinam), Pracuuba (Brazil).
Distribution: M. excelsa: Widely distributed in the Guianas and less so in the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela; dominant on river levees and flood plains forming dense stands. M. gonggrijpii: Restricted to Guyana and Surinam, a dominant species best adapted to hillsides on heavy clay soils.

The Tree Usually 100 to 120 ft high and 2 to 3 ft in diameter with clear boles 60 ft and more above very large buttresses that may extend 15 ft up the trunk. Trees of M. excelsa 160 to 200 ft high and 4 ft in diameter are reported.

The Wood General Characteristics: Heartwood yellowish red brown, reddish brown or dark red with paler streaks; sapwood 2 to 6 in. wide, distinct, yellowish to pale brown. Texture moderately fine to rather coarse, rather harsh to the feel; luster medium to high; grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable; astringent taste and slightly sour odor.

Weight: Basic specific gravity (oven-dry weight/green volume) 0.76 to 0.84; air-dry density 59 to 65 pcf.

Mechanical Properties: (First set of data based on the 2 -in. standard, the second on the 2-cm standard.)

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