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Zdrojový text : Co je to I.T. (Invisabolt technology)

Zdrojový text : Co je to I.T. (Invisabolt technology)

26.4.2006 - Kategorie: Kytara
Nový typ kontrukce krků od B.C.Rich
What is I.T.?

Cincinnati OH Corporate Headquarters of B.C. Rich International

What is I.T.? Well, I.T. stands for Invisabolt Technology. B.C. Rich is known for innovation in the guitar industry. So it stands to reason that B.C. Rich is introducing a completely new guitar construction method like I.T. (Invisabolt Technology). I.T. is like nothing else that is available from anyone in the guitar field. The new I.T. system is not a traditional neck through, I.T. is not a traditional bolt on and I.T. is not a traditional fixed heel. I.T. is not only visually striking to the eye it adds sustain and gives a very low profile neck heel.
The initial design was developed by guitarist Pat Murray, and incorporated by B.C. Rich. This patented design has the attitude and style that fits B.C. Rich. You must experience I.T. first hand to understand just how unique I.T. is.
Rock Clouser, B.C. Rich Product Manager adds, "B.C. Rich is excited to introduce such a revolutionary idea in guitar construction. We constantly push the innovation envelope, but we want high level function as well as jaw dropping looks. The new I.T. system has it all."

Pat Murray, President of Invisabolt recalls the first meeting with B.C. Rich," It was surreal, you could see the light bulb turn on over Rock's head and I knew he got it. He lives and breathes this stuff. And now thanks to Rock and B.C. Rich you can get I.T. too!"

Steve Kilgallon, V.P. of Marketing Invisabolt Technology and President of Hard Wear Inc had this to say," We flew up to B. C. Rich HQ to let them see the Invisabolt Technology system. Employees tested one of B.C Richs flagship models against the I.T prototype. When everybody preferred the advantages of the I.T. design, we knew at that point we were on to something big.

B.C. Rich is introducing this new technology on three new SE Special Edition guitar models. The I.T. system will soon be available on a Warlock, a Beast and a Jr. V.

The standard features on these very unique instruments will be: I.T. neck system - 2 B.C. Rich humbucker pickups paint to match headstock and neck special B.C. Rich Widow style inlay at the seventh fret ebony fingerboard Chrome hardware (Warlock) and Black hardware (Beast and Jr. V) String through the body - 24 jumbo frets 25.5" scale. These Special Edition I.T. guitars will only be available in Shadow (flat black).
For more information, contact B.C. Rich at 800-999-5558 or visit www.bcrich.com
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